Is it okay to feed broiler grower mash to non-broilers?

cicene mete

11 Years
Jun 19, 2008
My chicks are eight weeks old, and I went to the feed store to buy grower to transition them from the starter food until they are old enough to lay. When I got home, I realized that I had bought broiler grower by mistake. Well my chicks be okay on this, or will the higher protein and fat harm them in some way? Here is a comparison of the broiler grower and the regular poultry grower:

broiler, protein: 19% fat: 5.75% fiber: 5%
regular, protein: 17% fat: 5% fiber: 5%

the amounts of lysine, methionine, and calcium are also slightly different
i was just wondering the same thing!

i figured what the heck, maybe some of these chickens might get eaten some day, and i bought good feed, so it probably doesn't matter that much.

also, i find my eight 'little' birds eat (or waste) a 50 pound bag of feed faster than i can sneeze sometimes....
When I went to the feed store the other day, they gave me the broiler starter. I asked them if it was okay for layers, and they said it was fine.
I can only wonder what our grandmothers around the world (genuflect now) did, most of whom did not have access to specialty feeds and the entire fragile chain of dependencies (petrochemical, cheap transport) that get this mash or that crumble from perhaps China to your 'local' agway.
Actually, my feed is produced in Vermont (Green Mountain Organic).

But I take your point.
I solved the "what to feed" problem several years ago after visiting one of the best Black Rosecomb breeders in the country. All of his birds were in beautiful condition & I asked him what he fed.
He told me he only used one feed, a high protein game bird grower. Said he fed that to chicks & adult birds alike.
I switched to this method & it has worked out very well. The birds grow well, feather quickly & stay in good condition longer. Feather quality is improved & they lay & hatch well on this feed.
I am using a 22% protein Blue Seal product called Chick n Game Bird Starter Grower. I suspect other manufacturers make similar products.
A bonus is that when I'm away at a show for the weekend I don't have to give my wife a list of who gets fed what-there's only one feed. Really simplifies things. Don't have to decide when to switch feed. Don't have to decide if I should buy another bag of Starter of switch to Grower-no decisions to make.
Works real well for me.
Most of your feed mill that mix an grind there feed the broiler
don't have the oyster shells ground in with it
its basically the same as layer not much diffrent

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