Is it possible for brahma/cochin mix to lay a olive egg?


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
Long Island NY
The reason I ask is because I saw her in the nest box last week, but I didn't bother her b/c she hasn't started laying yet and I didn't want to disrupt her first egg. Later I found a tiny very olive egg in there...but it wasn't necessarily from her as I didn't go back for several hours. I do have one EE (Lucy) that lays olive green eggs, but she's been laying for over 6 months and hers are much larger and much lighter.

So, either Lucy is laying very small, dark eggs all of a sudden (I've gotten 4 in about 7 days) or my cochin/brahma mix isn't laying the brown eggs she should be. I'm almost positive she is a mix of cochin and brahma (the roo is a brahma so that's definite), but you can't mistake the cochin shape...right? ...even if it's not as extreme as a pure cochin.

So, if it can't be the cochin/brahma, why would Lucy's eggs change like this?
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I wouldn't think so, unless one is not exactly a purebred. Some shade of brown is what I'd expect from a brahma/cochin, but I'm not a expert in genetics, by a long shot.

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