is it possible that I have a baby roo?


7 Years
May 12, 2012
Of my 5 remaining chicks, who are all 17 days old, everyone seems to be strong and healthy, eating and drinking well, and feathering out nicely...all except one that is! I have one EE who is just as healthy acting as everyone else, just slightly smaller, and seemingly behind on the feathering out thing, most notably in the tail area. She hardly has any sign of a tail, where everyone else does! Do you think that she is just maybe a late bloomer, or is there a possibility that she could be a he?
This is something I'm wondering too. My EE is 5 wks. old, but has a shorter tail than the rest. But she's my only EE so I didn't know if their tail is a bit different than other breeds. She's not smaller, at point she was the biggest, but she's rounded and walks like a pullet. Her tail is just shorter.
I'm so new to the whole chicken thing! Mine has been slower to feather all along, not just the tail. The farm store where I got them said that they were guaranteed 90% who knows I guess!

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