Is it possible to place a female ring necked parakeet that previously formed a couple with a new partner?


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May 11, 2020
The intention is to place a female ring necked parakeet, who formed a couple from which the male has died, with a male alexandrine parakeet? And will the ring necked parakeet mate with the alexandrine parakeet?They have been sitting here together for 6 months now but are still quite aggressive towards each other.
Yes, they can be friends. But I would not have them share cage space if they are still not getting along. If he is younger then her she will likely not take to him much. She want a male who knows what to do and females do not always take to younger males.
If they don't get along, I wouldn't make them share a cage. That would be like sharing a house with someone you don't get on with. It wouldn't be fair on either one. They probably won't try to breed (unless they got really attached to each other and had the right breeding conditions).

Also, just because they're similar birds, doesn't mean they'll get along. I had three galahs together in an aviary (two males, one female). The males would always pick on the female, so I had to separate her. Even though they're the same species, they don't always get along. Also, they never tried to breed. Just because a male and a female bid are together, doesn't mean they'll breed.

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