is it possible to train a cow to be ridden?


14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
Hey everyone I am thinking of getting a bottle baby calf when I go to texas for the summer and I was wondering if It could be trained to be ridden? I don't know if the calf will be male or female.
Yep, I've known several, although I wouldn't ride it until it was at least 2 years old (just like a horse). Also try to have someone who knows what they're doing help you. Good luck!
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Possible just not very comfortable or all that practical. Cows don't learn the finer points of riding like horses (or even too much of the basic parts) and their backs don't lend themselves to it quite as well.
Yep, and it's easy. I had a huge watusi steer that I used to ride in all the parades and such.
Best to start working with them while they are young but yes, it is absolutely possible. I know a man who has raised several steers that he rode in parades,wagon trains and at local rodeos.
Thanks for info everyone! and thankyou SpringChickens for that video!! If I buy a male calf (which I probably will since im going to be buying the calf straight from a dairy) will the male calf need to be castrated?

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