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does anybody have any methods to encourage broodiness?? i have just got a very good looking isa brown rooster and have 12 isa brown hens 3 white leghorns and 2 rhode island reds. i know these are probably the worst breeds to try and make chicks with but i was wondering if it was possible..also at the moment ii have the rooster isolated in a different run and coup if i put him in with the layers will it affect egg production, will i get bloddy eggs?
The rooster will not cause bloody eggs. The eggs will not start developing unless incubated. There is an outside chance that one of your hens will go broody, but basically those are breeds or crosses that have been selected for egg production rather than broodiness.
Blood in your eggs are from minutes hemorrhages in the hen's reproductive tract, not from being fertilized. A fertile egg will have a small bull's-eye on the yolk. Having a roo in with your girls may or may not affect their laying. If the roo is a bully or rough on the hens they may get stressed out and slow their laying, but if he is a gentleman they may love the attention and be perfectly happy to have him as a flock husband.

There are no methods to encourage a hen to go broody unless she wants to go broody. The breeds you have are not known for going broody overly often. If you want a broody get a silkie or cochin. They are known for going broody all the time.

Good luck.
he is definatly not a nasty roo he has already been put into line by one of the leghorns haha...i think i will just let him with the girls...hoping it doesnt change the taste of the eggs.
I don't notice any difference in taste myself, just that our eggs are better than the ones from the store. Also smaller, but that's kinda fun. "I ate a half-dozen eggs for breakfast, burp!"
ok so i am definaltly letting him out with the girls hes been going nuts at the fence trying to get to them...we hall see what happens

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