Is it possible???


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
Hi! I have a female black call duck that has been turning rather white. I got her last summer at an auction and I do not know her age. Any ideas??? But, I'll get to the point. She has been limping a little. One day she'll be limping and the other day she'll have no sign of a limp. She acts perfectly normal eating her layer, rolled oats, flock raiser, and daily treat of grass. Is it possibly she could have a hint of arthritis in her hip, leg, and/or foot??? When she limps, it's just a little one, but sometimes it's like a tiny collapse, but she get right back up. Any ideas???? Thanks!!
If she pulled or streched something, it can take a few weeks to several for that sort of injury to work itself out. If you see no physical signs of an injury penetraiting the skin, time is in order.

I think it is not impossible for her to have arthritus. Some of my large birds experience more foot issues, just due to size. Probobly not a mega issue with calls, however.
One of her feet looks like it maybe turnes inward a little. She's pretty much always had foot problems. Any guess at her age?
I'll try to get a picture soon, but are ducks supposed to have a little bump in the middle of their feet?

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