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Is it possible for eggs that were sat on/incubated at the same time to develop at different rates? I have a hen that had 8 eggs under her. We brought 3 out of the incubator when she started setting, that had been in there a day. Now I knew those would hatch earlier than the others, but figured 1 day was no big deal. We brought 6 eggs inside the house, cause 2 hatched on Saturday, then nothing, and she was trying to leave the nest. Out of the 6 we brought in, one hatched Sunday evening, and 2 so far today. 2 of the other eggs look alive, their veins are still looking pretty good, and one has pipped. But one of the 2 that have nothing going on, looks good as far as the veining, but it looks like it is a few days behind in development. There is more space in the egg than in the other eggs. And it's not the air sac, I know what that is. The part that has the chick has quite a bit of empty space in it still. I know it wasn't laid by a different hen, because it is one of the hen's eggs, that was setting on them. Is this possible?
Right now I have a hen that has hatched a chick each of the last three days, with two more coming from her. She has 8 eggs from her lazy yard buddies. I am not sure went they will hatch. Any eggs still there next Monday will be removed. No I won't candle them either. It is getting to late in the year for any more outside chicks.
When I have a broody hen, I have to mark the eggs that I want her to hatch and take out the ones the other hens lay in her nest daily. My hens are silkies and let anyone lay extras in the nest. It is common for me to see 2 hens in the same nest for a while during the day.

Maybe one of your other hens laid an egg in the nest while your broody hen was incubating a clutch of eggs, that could explain the time difference.

No, I know that didn't happen.
#1- this is one of her eggs, no other hen lays eggs like it. I know which eggs are layed by all my hens, plus, she was only 1 of 3 hens that was laying at the time. One was a game hen, whose eggs are twice as big, and the other was another banty, that's an 'established' layer, and her eggs are bigger as well.
#2- She started with 8 eggs, and, counting chicks, ended with 8 eggs.
#3- She was in a cage by herself, from day 1, that was only opened for about half an hour each day, so she could get out.

So, is it possible for an egg, that has been set on for the same period of time as the others, to be a few days behind in development?

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