is it possible?


5 Years
Dec 1, 2014
5 chickens 2 are 9 months old and the other 3 are 6 ish months old. the other 3 were added around 3 1/2 months ogo I had another but it ended up a roo. anyway to my point. I have 1 top hen (barred rock) who just to hr shes very dominant looking obviously her buddy (whose a bantam buff orpington) aka 2nd on the pecking order is 2nd top hen my other 3 on my last post I showed a pic of on of the gold ones I thought was a rooster. heres my question. Is it possible to have 1 existating flock but for the different "flocks" Have their own top hen? I just see the golden Wyandotte I thought was a rooster is getting bigger and is just very bulky looking than the other one. and the smaller golden one is a hen for sure cuz shes starting to squat and do hen ish things. botton lin e

Is it possible for a top en/less docile bird to take on a different build?

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