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    May 20, 2010
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    After researching for several days, I have found most saying that my chickens will be fine in the winter without an electric heating source, even if there are only two chickens and I live in northern Indiana. This is hard to believe, but is it true? I am going to definately get a winter hardy breed
    (my choices so far are Welsummer Ameraucana Australorp Barnevelder Delaware Dominique Araucana Orpington Plymouth Rock Rhode Island Star Sussex Wyandotte)

    Are there any suggestions on what I need to do in the colder part of the year (sometimes down to 0 degrees F) ?
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    They do better in cold than in hot weather, trust me. A breed with a smaller comb would be great for your winters, like a Brahma, who also has feathered legs and a pea comb (rare to get frostbite on that type comb). If you keep the coop interior dry and draft free, they'll do great in winter. It gets into the single digits here in the N. Ga. mtns. I have Rocks, Orpingtons, Sussex, Ameraucanas and Wyandottes, as well as Brahmas and used to have Welsummers. They all do fine.

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