Is it safe to feed Chickens Raw Wheat

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  1. We were considering growing our own wheat for the chickens and I wanted to know if you can feed chickens raw wheat or if you have to dry the wheat for them to eat it.

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    Wheat works well for chickens. It will give you a pale yolk, compared to a corn diet...... However, it will not be any less nutritious.

    If the Wheat is harvested at typical moisture levels (8-13% moisture), It will store easier. If it is higher in moisture, it will spoil quickly, and should be dried to leass then 13% moisture.
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    Any thing you can eat chickens can eat. You can eat wheat raw. Dried for storage its is a little hard on the teeth, so most wouldn't even think of it. If you grow it, there is a time between it being green and it is finished drying that you can eat it easily. I have often hand threshed and eaten it while I was contemplating what to do next in the garden. Got my nephews to try it, one of them liked it so much That every time he was here and it was about that time he'd go out to have some.
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