Is it safe to have house sprayed by exterminator?

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    Jan 19, 2014
    Hey all!!! Long time reader, first time poster! :)

    I have 9 birdies. 1 Standard Cochin, 1 Polish Hen, 2 Silkies, 4 Indian Runner Ducks and 1 Buff Orphington Duck.

    My birds are free range on 1/3 acre lot with a coop they can go in and out of at will. Our house is well over 100 years old and is a bug magnet. Last spring/summer was our first year to have the birds and typically our landlord has our yard and house sprayed in the spring. We told him not to do it last year thinking the birds would do a great job of keeping away the pests. Well they did, at least outside. Inside was a virtual entomologists dream! We had spider condos in the window sills, cockroach cabins under the dressers and other little creepy crawlies that gross me out to think about it. I can handle a bug here and there, but this was BAD!!!!

    As I mentioned, our rental house is very old and goodness knows there are more nooks and crannies for buggies to get in. Before we moved in, apparently there was such a bad cockroach epidemic the exterminator had to spray 5 times! Bleh. We are clean people, but we can only hang the unwelcome sign so many times before the bugs completely ignore their dead comrades and come in any ways. They did not get the memo!

    So, my concern; is having my house, not yard, sprayed going to cause potential harm to my birds?

    My biggest fear is that some pathetically dying cockroach coughing up poison gas is going to crutch its way outside and into the beaks of eager fowl.

    Please please please all suggestions, fears, acquisitions and name calling welcome. Just want to do right by my birds but still be able to sleep at night without whacking a bug crawling aggressively towards my innocently gaping mouth. (it happened, and it was scaring!)
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    I don't know what insecticide your landlords exterminator company is planning on using but I would say yes, just keep your birds confined and away from the house for maybe 72 hours after the final treatment.
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    Hi - you may want to reach out to the exterminator directly as they may either have something that would be more safe to use or can provide you with preventative measures to ensure your steps will take care of any risk. I work for a food company and pest control is a great portion of our quality controls. Pest control companies have really evolved so they can service many needs - they would be your best bet.

    Good Luck!

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