Is it something I am doing?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by AmericanMom, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Three months ago I hatched out 12 Bourbon Red Turkeys...The day the last three hatched was the day my Grandson decided to come into this world 11 days early... Those last three died within 24 hours of hatching... I expected that as nobody was here to monitor them... about two weeks later we lost two more in the brooder ... Moved everyone out to the enclosed run thinking their space was to small..( 5x5x4 wooden box) fast forward a month and they were all thriving and then I noticed one acting lethargic, Heat was where it should be, tried everything to get the chick to eat and drink but to no avail, it died shortly thereafter, then two more chicks started doing the same thing and they died.. They were 2 months old.... The poults are now three months old and out in the enclosed yard, they have access to feed and water 24/7 lots of grass, plenty of fruits and veggies... I just lost one more!! Same symptoms.. I had told my husband it didn't act right yesterday and tried to tempt it with stuff and when I picked it up I thought, crap, its skinny!! I am left with what we believe is one tom and two hens and so far they seem ok, vigorous, running around eating and drinking...

    What am I doing wrong folks? I was really hoping I would be able to start breeding them next year...
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    Geez! Sounds like this year isn't the year for turkeys! We lost a lot as well...are you feeding a medicated turkey starter/grower? We also use Nutri drench in the water for added vitamins. Turkeys need a lot of protein when they are little. Maybe they aren't getting it? We only lost 4 out of 20, but a few had leg problems and didn't do too well, but we also had about 18 that didn't hatch at all...not a good year.

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