Is it Splayed leg if the legs are to the front?


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Jul 1, 2014
LaFayette, Georgia
Hello there,
I just started my second year of chicken raising and I have 15 hens, 22 chicks that just arrived from McMurry and 6 chicks that were hatched by 2 broody hens: a buff orpington and a gold sex link. The buff is an excellent mother. The SL has some room for improvement.

Anyway, early this morning I went to the coop to check the hatch progress and found a chick on the floor, on its side. It looked like it was having a seizure. Turns out it was just trying to get out right side up. The legs aren't splayed out to the side, but to the front. It has awful balance and is constantly trying to get straightened up. Mama is busy with the other healthy chick teaching it to dust bathe, scratch, ect.
Any suggestions on treatment or what could be the issue?

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