Is it still excusable for chickens to not lay?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by gamefowl-layers, Feb 17, 2016.

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    It is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit average throughout the day and about 50 degrees at night. I have 6 production red (5 months old), 1 EE (2 years old) and 3 Leghorns (2 yrs old). I get about 1 brown egg, 2 white eggs and 1 green egg every two-three days. Is this still acceptable? Or are the chickens not laying well?
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    Day length is increasing, and so should their egg production.
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    Your birds sound fine to me.

    The leghorns are churning out eggs, that's what they do.

    EE are not know for always being stellar layers. They're kind of hit or miss.

    your reds are young yet. They're just coming to point of lay. You'll get more and more brown eggs over the next month or so.
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    I agree with the above posts. Look at is this way - laying eggs daily (or thereabouts) takes a lot out of a hen, so having a break is no bad thing. Here in Kenya, chickens don't moult in the same manner as i have read they do climates further from the equator (our daylight hours remain constant), and whilst its great not to have a break in production from my point of view, their bodies must be pushed to the max. A break is good IMO.

    All the best
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    It's not about the temperature so much as the length of it increases, so should the laying if they have adequate nutrition.
    Did you older bird molt last fall/winter?
    What are you feeding?

    Pullets may lay thru their first winter....hens, not so much.

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