Is it the right thing??

They'll part when momma decides to dump 'em. Most mommas are done by 8 weeks.

If you need to seperate them, you are fine to do so.
Oh believe me, when she is ready for "Me Time" she will tell them to go away. As long as they have one another they will be fine. I gave all of mine away except for one so mama has not been able to kick her to the curb. She did try but I guess gave up because the baby got really upset without any hatchmates for support. Three months old is pretty extreme for them to still call for her. My momma always has them written off by two months max.
I have a similar situation...two mother hens (sat on each other's eggs)

chicks hatched and they both looked after them for a bit...then the "mean" mother hen started fending for herself, and being I separated her, and left the 4 chicks with the "nice" mother hen. The nice mother took in 2 bator chicks...then the "nice" mother after 4 days of letting these chicks under her wings started picking on them today (but not her two) Well I moved her as well...and the two baby chicks and the mother are losing their minds....but right now I want the 2 bator chicks to have some peace....I feel bad, but they are 8 weeks now...

not sure if its the right thing...just going with my gut

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