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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by McGoo, Mar 16, 2009.

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    They are 3 mos old and I'd like to keep them in the 'outdoor' coop now. Here's my dilemma... the temps are 50's in the daytime and down to mid/low 30s at night. Their coop is not insulated, but it is a small doghouse (no big gaping holes or anything) and there are 5 of them to snuggle. I've got pine shavings inside and will close them up tight and safe. Do you think after being in 60 ish degrees since they've been young...that that'll be okay when it gets coooold tonight? Maybe cover with a tarp?

    Need some opinions. Thanks
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    Are they fully feathered out or can you still see some down on them? Also, I would suggest doing it over the weekend, where you can watch them during the day in the coop to see if they huddle together or not. If they do, then they are too cold. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Quote:What Debi said. [​IMG]
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    Thanks. I believe they are just about fully feathered out...but I brought them back inside cause the weirdest thing happened. One of the cocks who was in the little penned in area (within the larger area) was being tortured by a hen on the outside (netting between). He was a bit bloody (she had a little too) and so I decided he didn't need anymore stress for the day. tomorrow is another day.

    This hen that seemed so brutal is very the point that she is soooo submission she squats all the time for the big roo and has just grown back feathers from a year of nakedness. Don't really alway understand chicken, though I do try.

    Thanks so much.

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