Is it too cold for broody Coturnix and soon to hatch babes?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by ccoomber, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Hi, as previously mentioned i have a Coturnix hen on 5 eggs, well tonight i can here her talking to them and slight chirpy from the eggs, so all sounds good as day 17 today. However, i'm in the UK, and therefore we're heading into Autumn. Tonight is going to be cold with a low of 5c (41f). This isn't the norm, at the moment lows are usually around 9c (48f). So i've covered the rabbit hutch they are in with a thick towel for the night. My question is, should i permanently move this guys with momma indoors for the time being, baring in mind that mamma is very skittish. Or do i hope for the best, make sure mamma and babies are well fed and hope mamma can keep these babies warm enough on her own? I fear that she has gone broody at the wrong time of year!
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    I would let her be. But you have straw or hay or something worm for them to tuck into in the rabbit hutch. Just put it close to her, she'll build the nest up if she needs be. I haven't been watching your progress with your broody, so don't know your set up.

    I would also wrap the hutch with heavy plactic tarp or something as such to keep it warmer. And let it hang to the ground to keep the colder ground air from rising up to them, if its an open bottom pen. Can you run an extension cord and set a light on top (open top?) small area of the cage.

    I am thinking that you will find that these chicks will feather faster than normal. So just a couple of weeks to worry about.

    My ducklings feathers real fast when Mommy hatched them on the coldest day of the year. It was in the 20's for days, most unusual here. This is what I do for the duckies and I will be doing for any quail that I hatch later in the year.

    If you can keep mama warm, she'll keep the babies warm.

    Hopefully someone with cold weather hatching will answer.

    Also, check out Wifezilla thread with her broody and babies or PM her. I think its cooler where she is now, too.

    Good luck.

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