Is it too early to sex this little nugget? Americana


Jun 21, 2022
 I bought 3 americanas and was told they were all pullets. I've had a feeling this little nugget cleas a cockerel from day 2. His wing shape was different from the other 2 and his stance if always extremely upright like he's walking with his head high up. He was the last out of everyone to develop a tail and feather at that. His comb is usually a nude/yellow color but sometimes turns pink (but so does my other female) He is now almost 4 weeks old, is it too early to tell? Also the other females tails are flourishing.


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Glad to meet you, Rosie. Best wishes with your birds. There is a forum for checking gender and breeds, and the best time is generally when chickens are 4-6 months old. It also helps if you can tell us the breed (which you did here, just be sure to repeat if you come back later). Where did you get your birds?
Thank you for the response ☺️ Tractor Supply. They were labeled as pullets. His/her tail is a fraction of the size of the other two and has a distinct shape and the anticipation is killing me lol.

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