Is it too early to tell if my Ameracana is a rooster?


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7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
My little guy is 8 weeks old and I think he's a rooster. All my other chicks (also 8 weeks) are RIR so I have nothing to compare 'him' to. What do you think?

I found it VERY hard to tell my EE's gender until they started crowing. In the end my EE's were basically full grown before i could distinguish completely which were males and which were females.

-Based on what i see i would say rooster... but that's just a guess. Wait a little longer till the tail & comb develop further!
He's a roo. That red on his shoulders will develop into a cape of red later in life that the ladies can't resist.
can you get a side shot of him? right now looks more like a pullet but i can not see his/her coloring that well to be sure. wait till at least 15 weeks of age to make a choice and also please repost some pics of him then
I think it's a hen.

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