Is it too early to tell...


10 Years
Jan 2, 2010
Monroe, NC
what Gender these are?

DD named "HER" Cutie, but her bursting tail feathers are making me wonder... is she's a he. (This is supposed to be an EE)



This one's name is Speckled, supposed to be a GLW-I think she's crossed w/ EE though



We bought 10 chicks in total, and some are like the first pics -really starting to feather out-more are actually like that. Some are tighter shorter feathers like the bottom pictures....does this have anything to do w/what sex they are? This is my first set of STRAIGHT RUN chicks. TIA!!
Verrry cute!! It is a bit early to tell though. You might want to post more pics in about a month, and with EE's it'll still probably be too early, they're kind of hard to tell until they've gone through their teenage years and start getting in their adult feathers. I couldn't tell with mine till they had their adult feathers. Although, that is just me, there are others on here way more adept at me at sexing, so hang in there!!
Thanks! Yes, I've heard EE are hard to tell. Plus I was reading on another post that pullets sometimes get their back/wing feathers and sprout a little tail feathers earlier than cockerals.
Hoping there is some truth in I have more feathered that way. We'll see, and time will tell for sure.
I think it is safe to say the EE is a girl. Any EE with the sort of partridge-type coloring is hard to say at a chick-age, but most turn out to be pullets. Now, if the chick had a lot of white - It would be a cockerel. We tend to find that even the partridge-wheaten looking cockerels are a much lighter chipmunk color when chicks compared to the chipmunk-hens.

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