Is It Too Late in the Season to Get a Chick Ready for Winter?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by SandyC, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. SandyC

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    I mentioned in my other post today, that I think I lost one of my chickens today. THat leaves me with 5. My coop is in a barn but I live in an area that -22 in Feb. is not out of the question. I don't want to use a heating lamp but am concerned now, that 5 chickens may not be enough to keep each other warm. What do you ladies/gentlemen suggest? Should I try and raise a few more and do I have time? Our first frost date is 30 September.
  2. CoyoteMagic

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    I think it depends on how big your coop is and if it is insulated or not
  3. bjcoop

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    Mar 22, 2007
    Western New York
    Our area can get to -10 to -15 and we had 8 hens last winter. They were surprisingly fine during a week of the coldest stuff. It was a little frosty on t he edges of the coop, but we supplied a double heat lamp for the girls, and they were toasty. I think it may depend on how large the coop area is....
    Luckily my DH tolerates my love of chickens and helped me by insulating their home. (DH does enjoy a fresh omellete!)
    The hens unfortunately are downright frightened by snow.
  4. SandyC

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    My coop isn't huge...perhaps 8x5. I don't think the barn is insulated, yet there is much I could do to make it pretty draft free. I built it in an old horse stall. There are two windows in the area that I plan to cover with plastic, a door I can shut and I can put plastic up along the sides of the outer walls too. If I did all that and put lots of hay in there for them, would they perhaps be OK?
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    May 17, 2007
    I am sure there is somplace you can find some pullets available. Your chickens will be find as long as they have someplace to get out of the wind that is dry. And I know you really want MORE chickens. Ask at your feed store, try There are plenty of chickens and it is not to late in the season. I would never put a heat lamp in my barn, scares the heck out of me. Believe me, they will be fine. Dry, draft free, some hay & straw to cuddle in. Nice and cozy.
  6. SandyC

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    Yes...I'll admit it!!! I'm hooked! I do want more. I have already been on Craigslist for my area, but nothing posted. I agree about the heat lamp. I am very afraid of them too. I used one for my chicks but that was the end of it. I wouldn't want to put one in the barn. I noticed that Meyers hatchery will send 17 week pullets. I have been thinking about that, but the postage is nasty! I might order two or three though.
  7. SandraChick

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    have you checked your animal shelters and the aspca?

    If they don't have any...some let you get on the list of people who will take them--and then they'll call you!

    Chickens are hard to place, so they love it when someone says give me all you got!


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