Is it too late to get a Pilgrim gosling hatch? GOOD News!!!!

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  1. This is my first full yr. with Pilgrims. I have one pair and my goose, Lily, set a clutch earlier but nothing came of it. She is now molting & I noticed my gander, Issac, is molting also. Is it going to be too late this year for Lily to set another clutch once her molt is finished? I've read that their breeding season ends in early summer.....I take it that means June. [​IMG]
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  2. So, is the answer... "You're guess is as good as mine." [​IMG] Anyone have any idea or prior experience with this?
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    I don't have prior experience as this in my geese's (pilgrims) first year laying, but I can tell you what I have going on. Lucinda started laying about mid-February. I have been collecting and incubating, and I assumed the activity and laying was done as I noticed she wasn't laying every other day like clock work as she had been before. Well, she is still laying! The pond time rendezvous is still going on as well.

    Long story short, we had a drake pekin duck who claimed Lucinda as his mate. The ganders were trying to have their time with her between that silly duck and his attempts. We sent the duck to live at my uncle's duck pond, so now fertility will be increased and she won't be constantly harrassed.

    There are currently 3 eggs in the nest. I'm going to leave them for her to keep adding to and hopefully set. I was thinking about adding some infertile chicken eggs to the bunch to increase the count if need be.
  4. You know, I have 3 hussies... 2 Pekins and one Rouen girl who grew up w/Issac and Lily, and demand way too much hurrump... physical attn. fm Issac. I've told my dh a number or times that those hussies were leading Issac astray and of course his efforts were being wasted on them. [​IMG] I've been thinking it was time to re-home them so Issac would concentrate on Lily..... though those girls did give him some much needed "practice." [​IMG] Well, bother!! If I don't get any goslings this year... maybe next...... sigh..... I SO wanted goslings following behind Issac & Lily this spring.

  5. Yea!!!!!! My Lily laid 11 eggs.... I marked and checked the first for fertility.... and it WAS! [​IMG] Now Lily is on day 3 of sitting broody. [​IMG] We may have goslings yet this summer. But I won't count my goslings ....before they hatch. [​IMG]

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