Is it too late to train a 2 yr old Great Pyr?


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Nov 5, 2010
Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but this seems to be where people generally post about LGD.

Last year we had made a decision to get some chickens. My kids had also been clamoring for a pup. So we got a 4 month old great pyrenees pup that had been farm raised around chickens, goats, horses and pigs. 4 days later we had a death in the family and my husband decided we were going to move, so getting my chicks was out. Well, a year later we have not been able to sell the house because of the market crash. And I would like to get our chicks in the spring. But by then my pyr will be almost 2 yrs old.

I had gotten this particular dog because both the parent dogs and she had been kept safely around poultry. She is a well manner, quiet adolescent. She listens well, is eager to please especially if you have food in hand. Doesn't bother the cats or our free roaming iguana. Very nurturing with my small children. When we had a power outage due to a snow storm she found the boys and laid with them to keep them safe and warm. If we are out walking, she will not let them out of sight and generally walks with them rather than at my heel. I know she has imprinted on the children rather than on chickens. And I do not need her to be a full time LGD. I just want a dog that (With training, obviously) can be safe around my birds. Do you think she will be ok?

Thanks in advance!
Any new addition to the 'family' should be done gradually. Keep your chicks enclosed safely as you bring your dog on lead to the area. Don't let the dog off lead around the chicks till you are sure nothing will happen. Keep the dog on lead when the chicks are loose and observe how hard the dog is trying to get to the chicks. It may take some time to get the desired results, but don't give up. A dog can be trained through perseverance and patience. Be sure to praise good behavior. Teach the kids to use the same techniques you're using so the dog doesn't get confused. Also limit how many people are trying to train this dog in the beginning. Be sure to reinforce periodically to be sure the training has been learned.
Thanks. I know it is a slow process. And I do all the training. I am a SAHM, so I would be doing all the training. My kids are only 3 and 5, too little to do much useful with teaching the dog.

I am just worried that life got in the way and we missed an opportunity. Of course, on the other hand, she'll be a mature dog and past being a foolish pup. Not that she was ever overly rambunctious.
Its not too late, but I would suggest joining the workingLGD's group on yahoo. There are a LOT Of experienced people there who can walk you through any problems that might arise as you bring her into being a flock guardian.
Yes, you can "teach an old dog new tricks"! (although your dog's not that old!)
Our dog was 7yrs old when we got our first chickens. To our knowledge, he'd never been around them before (he was 2yrs old when we got him). We've had them for 2yrs now and he doesn't give them any mind. When we first brought them home in dog crates, he was all excited about all the fuss they were making in them. Tail feathers were sticking out, dog grabbed them. Some of our girls went tailless for awhile as a result! But once they were out of the crates? He didn't pay them any mind. The flock free-ranges all day with our dog outside with them, unsupervised. He's never chased one. Never killed one.
From your description sounds like you have a very stable, sensible pyr - really a dream dog. I think she will train well - easily. Since she has bonded so well with your children, I don't know that she would want to be out all night with your chickens - as' their' guardian. From what I understand tho, most people with a LSGD keep them outside all the time rather than make a house dog/pet out of them.
Not too old..... I've never had a Gr. Pyr. I do have two Gr. Danes (5years old) and a German Short hair pointer (10 yrs old) then I got chickens. I've worked with them around the chickens. Have taken them into the run and coop with me many times. Exposed them to the chickens when they were chicks in the brooder. Now the chicks are close to 39 wks old. The dogs go with me every day to feed the chickens and let them out of the coop or lock up the coop. The chickens are not free ranging, never have.
The other day I somehow forgot to lock the run door. I looked out the window and dang, they were out and walking all around my dogs. The dogs were just laying there watching them. I wish I knew what they were thinking.
The dogs walk the property every night and morning and also around the coop/run. This must be keep the local wildlife away from the coop and run as this area is overrun with Raccoons and foxes. The dogs know that the chickens belong to me and act accordingly.
So NO your Pyr. in not too old.

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