Is it too soon to move them???

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by joedie, May 21, 2010.

  1. joedie

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    Mar 17, 2009
    SW Indiana
    I have three wk old BCMs in a brooder in the basement. They really need more room now and I don't want to keep them in the house for 8 weeks like I did last year. Their coop is like a stall in one of the barns but it is open on one end so the entrance wall is just hardware cloth. But its at least 10 ft from the outside entryway. So I want to move them in this weekend with their heatlamp to a larger brooder within the coop. My question is will the heatlamp be able to keep the temp where it needs to be if it is in the high 60's to lower 70's at night? I'm not worried about the daytime temps of 80-90s but since this coop is open on one side it's like being outside. I hope this makes sense.
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  2. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

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    Jan 26, 2010
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    Oh yes they're Way Old enough to move into the coop!!!
  3. joedie

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    Mar 17, 2009
    SW Indiana
    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

    Oh yes they're Way Old enough to move into the coop!!!

    At 3 wks? Even though they're not feathered out? My concern is whether a heat lamp can keep the temps up in an open area like this.​
  4. Yes. They'll be fine! As long as the lamp is close enough to the ground to maintain the correct temp at some point.. they'll find the right place for them. If you've got a lot (more than 10), I'd put 2 lamps up, so they don't squash each other trying to get the warm spot.
  5. lemurchaser

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    Your night time temps are the same temperature as my house. They're fine to go out with a heat lamp or 2. Just make sure it's low enough that they can get warm. I put mine out by 10 days and the night temps are 45 degrees, I just make sure they can stay warm.
  6. flockmom

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    Apr 5, 2010
    I moved my 8 chicks into their coop (no other chickens to contend with) when they were 3 weeks old. Their coop is a 6'10' section of my 16'10' greenhouse, and the heat lamp I used for them worked just fine. I set up the lamp and the food and water in the back section of the coop, and they really loved it. They would race around the rest of the coop, then return to their "brooder area" to eat and get warm.

    Good luck!
  7. bethandjoeync

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    Mar 21, 2009
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    the longest I can stand a brooder in the house is about 3-4 weeks and then it's time to go to the coop! our nighttime temps here are staying above 55 sometimes closer to 60 somenights. so I don't even worry about a heat lamp anymore. but mine are 6 weeks now, and doing great! they keep each other warm if need be. I have 30 of them out there, so they'll manage. now I just have bantams in the house (only 9) so I can handle that. they will go outside soon though.
  8. MareeZoCool

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    I'd say 8 weeks is plenty old enough to get into the outdoor coop. Have you been taking them outdoors during warm sunny days? You should, and try pennin an area so they'll explore their new home.
  9. joedie

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    Mar 17, 2009
    SW Indiana
    Okay, Thanks all! Then, they're outta here! [​IMG]

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