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    Apr 24, 2010
    So i am pretty new to raising chickens.... My first 6 chickens are very friendly and basically come to me when i call them.... the next 6 are a lil skiddish when i try to round them up... I know i handled the first 6 alot more than the 2nd 6... Is it that the 2nd set wasnt handled as much as the 1st set that they are skiddish? or could it be their breeds>>> The first 6 are orpingtons and austalorps... the second are speckled sussex and white bantams.... I have more under a heat lamp now... How much should i be holding them and playing with them to get them to be friendlier than the speckled and the bantams? The next 10 are mixed between easter eggers, wyandottes and barred rocks...[​IMG]
  2. It is my understanding that Australorps are very friendly and enjoy being handled. Mine definitely do. I can barely keep them off me now (5.5 wks). I have been handling them every day since they were a week old, tho.
    Don't know if that helps, but I hope so.

    Here's to friendly chooks!
    Bright Blessings
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    I think handling them makes a big difference. There was one EE that I played with more than the others of that batch and she is very comfortable with me. Last week she actually flew up and landed on my shoulder! Watch out for the energetic EE's!
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    I don't know, I had two batches of chicks last year - handled them the same. First batch liked interaction and being held - second definately did not. We had a roo in the second batch and he and the rest were very skiddish except our barred rock - she was curious. Only the barred rock is friendly and the rest are happy just being admired at a distance. I would love to have a snuggly chicken. So far it hasn't happened.

    I still love them
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    It depends on breed and the chicken. In my case it depends on what broody raised them. Right now I have 2 serama hens with 5 chicks each. Chicks with my black hen are calm and docile but the chicks with my brown hen are skiddish and nutso bouncing and diving away every chance they get. Every clutch that black hen (ebony) has ever hatched are super tame and friendly. I would say handle them everyday, eventually they get used to you.

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