Is it wet pox or dry pox?


8 Years
Nov 1, 2011
my rooster has what appears to be dry pox on his comb based on the images i have seen, the dry looking black spots. He now has a few spots on his comb the largest about the size of a nickle. they are the color of wet pox (yellow/white). Is wet pox only in their mouth? Can they get wet pox on their comb? I can't get near him to take a picture because he hates me and attacks me when I get near him.
He has the tan and black spots. Daughter held him Down and his mouth is clean.
Fowl Pox is fairly common in hot weather because of mosquitoes.

It will generally itself in about 2weeks.
You can put iodine on the scabs to help them dry out and heal. Don't pick off the scabs.
If you have any near the eyes, it could cause a secondary bacterial infection, so if you see any there, you can put some Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment in the eyes.

If he doesn't seem bothered by it you may want to wait and see if it improves on it's own.

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