Is it wise to move broody hen & chix if...?


7 Years
Aug 3, 2015
...out in the open, right on the ground beside and under the roosts? Albeit they are nesting in the coop's corner, but we do, for instance, have too many roosters and they're not very nice, even to the baby chicks.

Being they're right on the deep-littered floor of the coop they get pushed aside by bigger birds running around. Also the baby chicks run under the roosts where the floor is covered with droppings. That the nest is beside the roosts means they all sleep together. I see that good for flock cohesion. But one chick has already died and feel the moms and babes may be safer if kept separate.

We have a mobile chicken coop out in the chicken run. This move could split the growing flock at this right time of its growth spurt.

The rooster in the picture beside the mobile is named Ivan, for Ivan The Terrible or Ivan Lendl, the tall angular Czeck tennis star from the early '80's. He attacks me at times and periodically anyone else who may enter. One local Chicken-chick suggested if Ivan was given his own flock he would stop attacking. I forgot to mention Ivan is number two in the flock. Alfie, our alpha, sometimes protects me from Ivan's attacks and always consoles me after the attacks by keeping Ivan away from me. A little late maybe but seemingly helpful still. Ivan is the bird in the outdoor picture closest to the mobile. Here I guess I'm only asking if moving them is too disruptive or if it's an accepted practice -- works and is humane, relatively?

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