Is Julianna actually Julius? Pullet or Roo?


7 Years
Feb 12, 2012
First, I've very much enjoyed reading through this thread, and read a lot before picking out our first chickens to educate ourselves as best we could :) I picked up six chicks, all supposedly sexed and vaccinated, but I am suspicious of the one chick. I don't know exactly how old they are, but old enough to tell I'd think. One of the Rhode islands I'm sure is a pullet. The other one, I'm thinking might be a Roo, but can't tell.

Chick 1: Mama Mia, Pullet?

Chick 2: Julianna or Julius?

Thanks for the info! I was thinking similar things with the coloring and feathers. I did not know they are not RIR, so that is a surprise, and I now have more reading to do :) I also have 1 Orpington, two Brahma's and a Red Sussex. I suppose I should post those pics soon just to confirm breed at least, but I am certain those ones are all pullets.

A few months has passed, and we definitely have a Juliana Pullet, and not a Roo :) Her sister caught up and they both look almost the same now. I wouldn't take the shiny coloring, larger comb, or attitude as indicators next time. I went and saw the local farm fair variety a few weeks ago, and the Roo RIR were much larger with a comb three times as big. The attitude disappeared as soon as she started laying eggs. In fact, she went from one of the nastiest to nicest since laying :)
Wow, glad I saw this update. I have a 16 wk RIR that looks very similar and her sister still has a small comb. Just in the last week her comb seemed to grow and get reddish but not as red as yours in your picture. Can you tell me when yours started to lay? I have been wondering the gender of mine and seeing yours makes me hopeful. How old is she in that picture? Thanks for the update!
Thanks, and I'll admit I love looking at the updates as well, so I figured it was my turn! My next post should be "guess which breed laid this egg?" lol (they are different colors of brown to cream).
Juliana is around 5 months now. I have to guess a little because we got her as a chick in late April. That would be 20 weeks+? A RIR pullet hes a red comb, and attitude as well as I have learned. That Comb should be well over 1" if its a Roo, and body twice the size in most cases. As always, there are exceptions :)

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