Is my chicken a hen or rooster?


7 Years
Aug 9, 2016

I recently bought 3 golden campine hens and a rooster.

The rooster is the oldest of them all and the oldest hen is around 18 weeks and she crows. The chicken to the right is the rooster in the pic and the hen in question is on the left.

The lady I bought it from said she was a hen. It has all the markings of a hen and lacks the colorful pointy saddle feathers.

Why is it crowing? Could it be a hen feathered rooster?
Based on what I can see, they are all cockerels. At that age, a hen's comb wouldn't be nearly that red and large. Campine roosters don't seem to have as prominent of saddle feathers as other breeds.
Well all 4 ended up being roosters. The lady I bought them from wouldn't give me my money back either. $40 for 4 roosters. lol

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