Is my chicken broody?


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Hi I have a Malaysian Serama named Amelia and she is such a sweetie!Today I went to go feed her and she was sitting down in the corner of her cage (Her breed is the worlds smallest chicken and in malaysia they keep them in cages inside.)When I was changing her feed and water she stood up and under her was an egg.I picked it up and it was warm (she might of just laid it though )When I petted her she didn't mind or tried to peck me.Do you think she is broody or trying to hatch a egg?
No, it doesn't sound like it. Some hens just like to lay on eggs a little bit longer after laying. If she was broody, then she would probably would be clucking alot and pecked any intruders.

HS Pye
Nah she was probably just relaxing after pushing out that egg. One of mine kinda went broody. She was sitting on everyone else's eggs for a while and puffed up and growled when the other girls got near her.

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