is my chicken sick? any certain illness?


6 Years
Sep 27, 2013
My 32 weekbold brown leghorn was looking very laid back and her comb is very droops ajdnvery pale almost trabsparent. Her wings are droopy and so is her tail. She normally is alert and always with the rest of the hens but in on her own in the barn while the others areboutside. I didn't see any of her poop so I'm not sure about that but so far there are bo signs of worms or mites. Usually she won't let me hold her let alone touch her but I picked her up to see if I could find anything wrong but I'm no doctor. Please help
The droopy comb is fairly common in a lot of breeds, especially leghorns. She might be getting broody. Or she may be egg bound. You can check her vent with a rubber glove--insert your lubricated finger 1 and 1/2 inch to feel for an egg. Another possibility is coccidiosis. She should be immune to the strain on your property, but if she has been moved or other chickens have come into the flock, a new strain may make her sick (there are 9 strains.) Corid (amprollium) 2 tsp liquid (or 1 1/2 tsp powder)per gallon of water for 5-7 days is the treatment. It is in the cattle med section.
The droopy comb is normal for the Leghorn breed. But the droopy temperament is not, if it is unusual for this particular bird. How hot is it where you are? Heat can stress chickens out, and cause them to relax their wings and tail, giving the impression of illness. Other possibilities that she's egg bound or has Coccidiosis or Worms (even though you don't see any signs of worms, this doesn't mean your chickens don't have them).

Like Eggcessive said, check for a stuck egg. If she appears to be egg bound, soak her in warm water for 15-30 minutes to help relax her muscles. Then, dry her off the best you can and let her rest. You can also give her some calcium (in the form of a human calcium supplement, oyster shell, etc.), as that will strengthen her oviduct muscles.

If you feel no egg, then I'd consider treating for Coccidiosis and/or worms. Some good broad-spectrum wormers are SafeGuard, Valbazen, and the Worminator (contains Flubenvet and is what I use). You can usually find wormers at a livestock supply store, or you can purchase the Worminator online from here:

Other than that, there isn't much you can do. I would isolate your hen, put some vitamins/electrolytes in her water, and keep her clean and comfortable.

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