is my coop big enough (specifics described)


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Sep 8, 2014
I have 2 RIRs, one buff orpington, one white Plymouth rock, and one australorp.
The coop we are building is 4x4 feet with three nesting boxes attached off the main square. The coop square is 4 feet high with a 2 foot pitched roof on top of that.
Their daytime run is 12x12x6 feet high.
Is the coop big enough for my 5 girls?
Should I put 2 or 3 roosting bars in the coop (4ft)?
could I get away with adding 1 or 2 gold laced Wyandottes in this?
Your setup *should* be okay for the birds you currently have - depending on flock dynamics - but I, personally, would not suggest adding the other birds you wish to have without some added space in the coop. The run is ample for both your existing group and the proposed additions.
From strictly the numbers, 5 should be fine. 7 would be tight but doable.

As for roosts, do you not have roosts already? I cant imagine fitting 3 4-ft roosts in your coop.
We don't have roosts in there yet. We have just finished the framework on the coop yesterday. That's why I was asking how many to place in there. I'm thinking two roosting bars. Is there a guide for height and distance from each other when putting the roost bars in?
May I suggest a saw-tooth bracket system. Brackets (notched wooden) on opposite walls and roosts spanning bracket to bracket. This way you can have lots of adjustment.

My roosts are 9" from wall and 16" from each other at elev 20" and 30" AFF. Not cast-in-stone numbers, just what fits in my coop.

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