Is my duck going to go broody?

Angie Poo

6 Years
Jul 27, 2013
Parma, Idaho
I have 3 female ducks that I collect eggs from daily up until a week ago. I thought one of them stopped laying because I could never find the third egg. Come to find out she has been laying them in the chicken coop and the only reason I saw them was because she had them uncovered.

Do you think she is going to go broody and sit on them since she is laying an egg a day and covering her nest up when she's gone? If there is a chance that she is I will leave the eggs but I don't want them to go bad just sitting there.
Depending upon the breed of duck she may very well go broody. Winter ducklings in Oregon might present a bit of a challenge.
It's either my Ancona or Rouen. I'm not sure since I haven't seen them anywhere near the nest the eggs just keep appearing in it lol

I figured that if I end up with a broody duck I will let her sit. As the weather cools I figured I would set up a heat lamp and a brooder large enough for mama too.

Thank you for your help.

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