Is my Duck stuck?


15 Years
Feb 7, 2008
It been 24 hours since it started hatching but it stop and hasnt made any progress for over 24 hours.
Temp 100 Hum 75% Day 26
Some say to let them be but I help them some after 10-12hrs just to get them going again. Just how I do it. Good luck (mine are chicks though not sure if ducks are the same.)
Ducks are NOT the same. Ducklings take way longer than chicks to hatch.
36 hours from pip to hatch is perfectly normal. If it hasn't been 48 hours yet, just leave it alone.
ok will do thanks
If it's only day 26 then it's pipped two days early anyway. If it was me I'd be happy to give it till day 28. Your humidity is good at 75% so there shouldn't be any problem with it getting stuck as long as you keep the bator shut and the humidity high. Let us know how you get on with it. I'm on day 28 with duck eggs and no pips yet...

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