Is my egg dead?


Jul 21, 2020
14 days ago I put 2 eggs in my still air incubator at 99.5 degrees (it was 99.5 and the humidity was around 53-56% at all times) and while one egg was infertile the other one was progressing fine. However since day 12 I haven't seen anything that could be called significant development as all i could see was a dark blob compared to others at the same day who cant see anything but the aircell at that day. I tried looking for a blood ring since one normally means that the embryo has died but I didn't see one.
You can see a heartbeat when they're pretty little. I suspect youd know if it was still alive. Which means it wasnt, so dont feel bad. The important part is now you learned what the inside of the egg looks like when the outside of the egg looks how it did. It'll help you next time.

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