Is my feed I’m giving my chickens a good feed?


Dec 12, 2020
I give my hens a feed brand called nuterna (country feeds). I am real big on keeping my hens happy and healthy but I would like to know if this brand is a safe and great band for keeping chickens healthy?
Take a photo of the nutrition label sewn on the bag and post it here. Or copy the ingredients and post them. We can then tell you if it has everything chickens need.


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A closeup would have been helpful. I Googled it, and since your photo doesn't let it be legible if this is layer or all flock feed, the layer is 16% and the all flock is 18%, both just barely adequate in protein content. The other vitamins and minerals are likely up to industry standards for commercial feeds, so you can relax knowing your chickens are getting what they need.
Most brands are just fine. More than brand name its type of feed and how close to home it is made. Because of freshness, shipping, mold from bad handling.... Who is your closest manufacturers and what are the other chicken folks in your area using? My sacks of flock raiser are dated 30-45 days old max. My closest manufacturer is Purina and I use them. I have a local brand scratch feed. I think its just a local grain elevator that sweeps the ground from what spills. It has a10 grain blend and cheap.
% of protein to what your chickens needs are and fresh made is going to be what to look for over a four month old bag of feed shipped five states awa.
This is made in Aldergrove BC, about ten hour drive away.There is no best before date only this on the pack. It’s one of the only two types available feed here.My flock didn’t like the other brand as much, I forget what brand it was

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