Is my female duck ready to mate? Behavior ?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Henrietta23, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I have a pair of Blue Swedish that hatched in March. The female has lately been flattening herself out on the surface of the water in their kiddy pool. She lays her neck out flat, lifts her feet and floats. The male (and yes, I'm 99/9% sure he's a male, doesn't quack, has drake feathers on his tail, is larger and has a darker head), doesn't seem to have a clue. He just splashes around like he always does. I'm curious if she's telling him she's ready, and he just isn't yet. She seems to flip her tail up too. So, duck friends, what do you think? [​IMG]
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    She is the right age. Its very rare to have an under sexed male duck. He'll do it when he's ready. Consider yourself lucky. At least he isn't over doing it.
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    Quote:Oh goody. Hope he stays this way a while longer. I already have a young rooster who is so frustrated in the morning by the hens lack of enthusiasm that he goes after my foot. [​IMG]
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    This is a pretty old thread, hopefully replying will put it to the top of the list again - it's the first I have seen that describes my duck's behavior. My duck hatched in February and I am certain she is a she - quacks, no drake feather.

    My little Tootsie keeps coming up to me, my daughter and the dog and flattening herself out. She'll come up to us, kind of sit on the ground and stretch her neck as flat as she can then make a noise that is somewhere in between a quack and a purr. When you pet her back she hikes her tail straight up. Initially I thought she just wanted some lovin' from us but now I am thinking it's a different kind of lovin' she is after. If she is laying eggs she is not doing so in the hen house. She now roams during the day with the chickens because she was wearing a path pacing when they'd fly the coop. For the sake of her sanity I had start keeping the coop door propped open so she can come and go with them.

    Hoping someone can finally (definitively) tell me what she's saying/wanting, as the hardware store that I bought her from said they've never seen that before (I showed them a video of it). So I have that question, and then am also wondering, if she is wishing to mate can I take her to play at a drake's house for a day or does it not work like that? Oh, and I guess I should also ask, if I managed to pull something like that off and hatched a drake later, would I have to worry that future ducklings would swim in circles or have inbred issues? {that could be a dumb question but I honestly don't know}

    I sincerely appreciate the help!
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    Wow, my first post and it's about female mating behavior. :)

    But yes, from what I've read, here and on other sites, she's at that age.

    4 months or so? Right?

    I'm guessing cuz my female Ancona is doing the same thing to me. More so in the morning or when we go to the river.

    From what I've gathered, she has chosen me as a mate and it's the funniest thing, we'll be playing or outside and all of a sudden.....FLAT! With that purr sound and her butt way up in the air.

    So I just take both hands and push down on her and rub her tail feathers a little bit and after a few seconds or so she's as happy as can be.

    She's not laying yet...she just turned 4 months today so she'll probly start laying within the next month or so.

    As far as letting your female have a "play date" I'm not sure....I don't kno anything breeding.
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