Is my female duck trying to become a momma duck?


6 Years
Mar 11, 2013
I have 3 pet pekin ducks, 1 female and 2 males. They are about 2 years old and my female has been laying for just over a year. Normally I find an egg here and an egg in the yard, one by the food and so on. She generally just lays wherever she happens to be. Today I went out to clean the coop and lifted up a bin that my chickens like to sit on and under it were 5 duck duck eggs in a nice pile in what looks like a made nest. She was not in there, but has never hid them before and has never laid eggs in the same place twice. Is this a sign that she is trying to hatch them. If so, we are happy to let her, if not, no big deal. We did not remove the eggs. Maybe she is just trying to be sneaky?
Hard to say, it could be either of those. I suppose you could let them be and see what happens . . . some ducks put up quite a pile of eggs before they actually begin to sit.

As long as they are in a safe place - where she will not get attacked. Some ducks make a nest where they are vulnerable and sadly, lose their lives.
It's in an enclosed predator proof enclosure, so everyone is safe. They only free range when we are out with them. It was just new behavior so it had me a bit stumped! I was under the impression that the Pekins didn't go broody very often. My hens will try to take my hands off sometimes, but the ducks have never cared much about their eggs. :)
From anything I have read here, and with my runners, broodiness is unpredictable. Some go broody for a day, or two weeks, then get over it. And the riskiest part is there are some ducks who hatch then attack the ducklings. Go figure. Just take it day by day, have a Plan B and please keep us posted.

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