Is my hen a rooster?

Hen or Rooster?

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Sep 2, 2013
I'm not quite sure, She has gotten bigger than the rooster that we already have. She is a New Hampshire Red, and I understand that they get rather large, and their combs are medium to large size. She is also growing tail feathers like nobody's business. I have had a feeling since about a month after I got her (July 4), and about a week ago, I got worried when she shot up taller than my current rooster. The people that I bought her from said that she would be laying within the month, but she hasn't. I am not adverse to having a NHR rooster because, i mean... Look one up! They are beautiful. Only problem is I don't want 2 fighting. Any Ideas?


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You have a rooster for sure. I see hackle and saddle feathers (the shiny, long, pointed feathers on the neck and by the tail), and "she" has big wattles and a large comb. The coloring is also that of a male (darker red with darker patches on the wings and back). He's a beautiful boy!
Thank you everyone. I am surprised because he is at the bottom of the pecking order so far. I am a little disappointed, because I payed $14 for him, but he could definitely win a prize at a fair. What happens if the two roosters attack each other? I only have one coop.

I am worried because my current rooster is impaired. He only has one eye due to a fight with a fox (long story, but interesting). Do you think that they will get along? They seem to like each other
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Do you think that its possible for them to get along? They have both gotten along really well so far. I have only had the new one for 2 months

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