Is my hen about to lay an egg?


May 6, 2017
I’ve got 6 silkie hens and 2 cockerals. Only 1 of my painted silkies has ever laid as she’s 1 1/2 yrs old all the rest are around 25 weeks including the cockerals. My cockeral has began to mount one of my 25 week old hens. Is that a sign on a soon to be egg? Also he isn’t mounting the rest but dancing around them with his tail down. Is that a sign for a soon to be egg? Thanns


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Jul 23, 2018
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It’s hard to say with Silkies as they are not known for their egg laying abilities. They usually lay 0-3 eggs per week. Egg laying depends on 14-16 hours of daylight and the birds must reach breed weight with signs of physical maturation first. During the winter they usually take a break and might not lay until spring. Sometimes artificial light helps but sometimes not. I do not use artificial light. Hope this helps. Just have to wait and make sure on good feed plenty of water. If over 18 weeks can use 16 % layer feed with oyster shell and poultry grit free choice. Limit treats to less than 10% of diet. So for every 1/2 cup of feed only couple tablespoons of treat. Treats can dilute nutrition and delay laying. Good Luck!


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A cockerel that age trying to mount a pullet might or might not be a sign that the pullets are near to laying...whether the pullet submits or not.
Mounting, and submitting, is a dominance dance as well as a sexual behavior.
Some cockerels know...and others are just driven by their hormones.
Time will tell...or you could check pelvic points.

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