Is my hen going to neglect her eggs to help raise another hens chicks?


8 Years
Jan 1, 2012
I have 2 light Sussex hens ( sisters ) and one went broody first so I bought fertile eggs for her. Then on the same day her chicks hatch the other one went broody so i put fertile eggs under her. Its been fine for first 10 days but now the broody hen has started spending more and more of her time helping the hen with chicks. Should I be worried she will neglect her eggs? Any tips?
Sounds like she has been broke off of her Broodieness to me, you can try to put her back when she gets off, other than that let nature take its course

If you want to second broody to hatch her eggs you'll have to separate her and the first broody with the chicks. It sounds to me like she's getting bored with sitting and wants babies now!

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