Is my hen laying in the bushes?


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
My GLW are 24 weeks old and free ranging everyday. This afternoon I saw the rooster mate with one of the hens ( I know this from reading here). Is she already laying someplace I don't know about? Should I confine the group (5) in their run until I know?
I am by no means an expert, but my 21 week old Buff Orpingtons are not laying yet (not free-ranging, so I can tell for sure) However, the rooster is mating with them and has been at least a week.

Also, my older chickens that are laying sometimes don't lay until mid to late afternoon.
My roo began mating with all of my hens two weeks ago. Only 5 out of 20 hens are now laying. You might want to wait until you find an egg or two before you lock them up.

Also, my hens lay eggs all day up until 6pm so I don't think locking them up until the mid-afternoon will work. I'd monitor their laying cycles and then decide when to let them out.
Thank you everyone for your quick replies. I think I will keep them penned for 2 days to see if someone is pulling one over on me. It really is not a hardship for them. Their run is 10 feet wide by 50 feet long and there is more poop on the lawn then in their run.
Today I discovered a nest of NINE eggs hidden in the tomato plants. They're all locked up now until the naughty one starts using the nest box..
You guys are lucky.
Your birds lay on a sane schedule. One of my quail always lays her egg at 10 or 11 pm...sometimes even later.
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