Is my hen reliable enough to hatch some fertile eggs?


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Jan 13, 2014
I have a silkie x hen that goes broody quite often, couple of days ago she became broody again, so we ordered some fertile eggs which are on it's way. Today I noticed she still clucked deeply and screeched at the rest of the flock. She's aggressive and not her normal self. She has also stopped laying. However, she did not spend as much time in her nest box like she normally would when she is broody, very little time today. I am a bit nervous because I am relying on her to hatch some eggs, this is the first time we are attempting this.

Does she still sound like she could be relied on to hatch these eggs that are on it's way? Does she still sound broody?
She sounds like she has potential.

Have you given her some plastic eggs to sit on? If you don't have any, even a few store bought ones would suffice. She needs to get used to sitting on something, and then after she has consistently sat for a couple of days I would switch out whatever she is sitting on for your fertilised eggs.

Good luck!


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