Is My King/Button Quail a Double Blue Face?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by MageofMist, Dec 9, 2016.

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    Dec 9, 2016
    Here are some pics of him, he is a King/Button Quail and looks like a DBF, but has white flight feathers which is rather unusual to me, as I don't see it on any other pics of DBF quails. He is from a pet store so there isn't much history about his past, and he has a few toes missing on his feet likely due to the condition he was kept in before, but he is happy and healthy and eats very well and has two beautiful girls to look after. [​IMG]


    Also, the breeder we got the two hens from, as the store only sold males, said his colours looked interesting and we may get silvers from him and the hens. Here is one of the female hens, Speckles, making a little tissue cave in a corner. His other mate, Fluffy, can just be seen in the nest box as she is brooding, though I don't know if the eggs are fertilized or not, it is still very exiting!

    Edit: Here is a comparison image of him and a Speckles, just took this pic as they were cuddling!
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    Apr 20, 2015
    I've read that double factor blue face buttons often have white markings on the face/throat and wings, so I would expect yours to be a double factor yes. I've had similar markings on single factor tuxedo birds though.

    I'm actually wondering the same as you with one of my blue face quail - a hen though. No white markings, but I just had 2 blue face hen chicks from another pair where the roo is blue face and the hen is normal so I KNOW those chicks are single factor - and they look distinctly different from the hen in the other pair. They have brownish stripes on their chest feathers, the old hen is much more evenly colored. She's had a very light colored chick twice though - neither survived for more than a day, so I don't know their adult colors, but I'm guessing they were cinnamon as that's the color her partner has. But I don't know how cinnamon blue face chicks look - whether I can get light chicks from a double factor blue face or something else is causing the difference between the young hens and the old hen.

    That's the old hen - possible double factor - above and a young - certain single factor - below at the back:
    The one in front is her brother - also single factor blue face - perhaps you can find other differences than the white spots between him and yours.

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