Is my male muscovy "normal"


14 Years
Jun 11, 2008
Poplar Grove, IL
I'm new to Muscovy. I got 5 hens and a drake about two months ago. I believe the drake and four of the ducks hatched last fall. The other duck is a year or two old. I'm getting eggs (not sure how many per day).

Anyway I really like them (they don't think much of me though). The ducks are always out foraging. The male seems to mostly sit around watching. He is growing and is glossy and bright eyed, but he is not very active, in any way. Is this normal for male Muscovy? He seems to have paired with the one gray duck . Is this normal?

I've had other ducks and it seemed males and females all had the same activity level.

They free range around my farm during the day, I shut them in the shed at night, they have Nutrena All Flock 24/7, water and a small trough for bathing. They range with the chickens, which they get along with just fine (they ignore each other).
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All six of my muscovies are pretty much slugs. I don't feed them in the daytime or they never leave the pen. Also, unlike my pekins, the muscovies don't necessarily all forage together. Sometimes there's three or four together, sometimes one ventures out alone. They don't "bond" like the pekins do—my pekins were inseperable and went everywhere as a group of five. The muscovies just forage when they feel like it and sit around the rest of the time, independent of what the others in the group are doing.

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