Is my new Blue Laced Red Wyandotte a good quality bird?


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
Fort Payne, AL
I got 3 new Blue Laced Red hens last week. I think they are really beautiful. They came from a local breeder and because I picked them up directly, I got a really great deal (I think). I don't really know much, and I was wondering if this is a quality hen (in case I decide to breed???) What do I look for in a quality BLRW? Either way, I think they are a lovely addition to my backyard. Thank you for your help. I am new here and I am learning so much from all of you.

She looks a lot like my Splash BLRW pullet - am anxious to hear the answers as I am new to chickens and have

3 BLRW's from a local breeder myself........
As requested, here are some additional views with some side views. Her tail doesn't seem as "fluffy" as most other wyandottes that I've seen on here. She is still young. Will her tail develop more? or is this just an area where she is lacking? Again, thank you for helping me learn about chickens and any information you could give about good qualities is helpful.


How old are they? Is it the same age as the one in the background? Even tho it doesn't really have saddle feathers, body wise and comb wise it looks more like a young roo. If it is a pullet it needs a much rounder body type and it's legs are too long and lanky. A good wyandotte should almost have a heart shape when you look at it from the side.
She/He??? is older than the one in the background. I got 3 chicks, but they were all different ages/sizes. The one in the background is the smallest of the 3 and the foreground is the largest. I don't know for sure how old any of them are. The breader said he could not be sure, but estimated the oldest to be 15 or 16 weeks old, the youngest 9 or 10 weeks old. I've looked at some other pictures, and she(???) does seem tall and lanky compared to other hens, but there is definitely no saddle (yet) and the hackles don't seem very pointy to me (but I'm very new at this). I might not really mind a roo to try and breed some, but I don't know if they are really quality to breed or not -- I will love them either way.

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