Is my one week old chick getting pecked? Mites?

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    Aug 5, 2013
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    So this is my first time keeping chicks. I have a brood of 8 chicks (mixed flock of silkies, polish, marans, EE bantam and barred rock)- they were one week old yesterday. My blue splash marans seems to be missing a lot of feathers on her neck, but we can't seem to explain it. The skin is not broken, just very exposed/matted. We haven't seen any of the other chicks peck her, and she certainly doesn't seem sick or even irritated by this weird loss of feathers. She eats and runs around just fine. Shes actually one of the largest chicks, but definitely has a docile/shy demeanor.

    Can anyone explain this? Should I put vaseline or olive oil on it for now? I've heard of the blu-kote and pick-no-more lotions, but don't have any on hand.

    Maybe its nothing, we're just concerned since none of the other chicks are showing this kind of feather loss! [​IMG]


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    She may be getting pecked by the other chicks, even if you aren't seeing them peck at her. Or, she the fluff may simply be falling out because she will be growing in feathers soon.

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