Is my rooster attacking me?


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My rooster makes me nervous when I go to the coop. Yesterday he pecked at my feet and luckily I was wearing closed toe shoes for the first time! I assume he is following me for food, but he gets so close and I feel like he wants to attack me! Today I started running from the coop and he chased me all the way down the driveway almost up to the house, and he has never been there. Is this normal? (I know my behavior isn't but what about the rooster?)
Roos vary in their reasons for what they do. He may just be trying to get the lay of the land. How long have you had him and how old is he? Are there hens he might think he needs to protect when this happens? How is he with them?

Just my 2 cents: Don't run from your roo. Just be calm and kind. If he does anything objective you can sternly tell him 'no' but when he is gentle you can reward him with praise, treats, whatever. Not every time but some of the time. Depending upon why your roo is doing what he's doing and depending upon his temperament, this may or may not be successful. Works for me.

If he wasn't thinking about it before, he is now. Next time you see him, walk right through him. Make HIM move aside. Keep doing that every time you can. If you see him trying to mate in front of you, knock him off.

Wear good shoes so they don't fly off you. Carry a broom or something similar. It will make you feel more confident.
He's a rhode island red and I've had him since July. I've only seen him mate with one hen and she hates him. He does mate in front of me so I will knock him off next time and try to be more assertive....what can i say, I'm a chicken
I am starting to lean more towards getting rid of this guy if he is going to keep bothering me and my hen.
Don't show him that you're afraid of him. That's your first mistake!! When my roos first start showing signs of aggression, I raise my voice, pull my body up tall and move in their direction. I have yet to have to resort to hitting, kicking, throwing things, etc.

I've had them come at me sideways with their wing dropped and I immediately show them that I'm not afraid of them.

I will NOT be afraid of an animal that I hatched and am feeding. If it comes to that, its the stew pot for them!

Probably right now the most aggressive rooster on my property is my 8 year old grandson's 4 month old BB Red OEGB. I snatched him up the other day and told him that he's no more than a mouthful for me and that he'd better behave. The second I set him down, you'd think his tailfeathers were on fire. He hasn't bothered me since. LOL

Good luck!

That's the easiest route. I have a rule here: If a roos attacks me or my kids, or makes me THINK it's thinking of it, he's dinner. Or just dead if I'm REALLY mad and DH isn't home to do it right.
Of course its normal behavior, for a rooster thats picking a fight and protecting his territory.

You should NEVER EVER run from a rooster, or move away from a rooster when it moves towards you or pecks at you. Kick the sucker next time he comes at you. I dont mean punt him across the yard, I mean run at him screaming and flailing your arms and scoop him and toss him with your foot.

Do it every time you see him, after a couple times he'll give you a wide berth- which is a sign of respect, not fear, in a rooster.
I have read MANY times about people grabbing the offending rooster and holding it. I find that odd because my roosters don't let me get THAT close to them, or maybe I'm too slow? Plus, I have a thing about beaks and claws, so I'm not going to go all out to catch a rooster.

I'd love for someone to explain to me WHY the rooster doesn't peck you when you're holding it????? Are they nicer than broody hens?
Agreeing with all you've been told so far. If he scares you that much, invite him to supper. It doesn't sound like you enjoy having him in the yard.

BTW, he doesn't think that hen is yours, he thinks it's HIS. If you can't be fearless around him, and deal with him if he gets agressive towards you, do sell, re-home, give away, or eat him. It's not worth you living in fear, and him getting too big for his britches. (and as far as him 'bothering' the hen, well, perhaps some, but he's just being a roo. You knocking him off her just shows him that you're a bigger roo than he is.)
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Bottom line, if he scares you get rid of him. You will be much happier when he is gone and go back to enjoying your chickens.

I had a mean one he always tried to sneak up on me. He had to go. Boy what a happy day!!!!

You do not have chickens so they can scare you. I think you will really be much happier when he is gone.

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