Is my rooster E or E^R?


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Jan 10, 2013
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This seems like a stupid question but I cannot get a straight answer as to whether my rooster has a gene for extended black or if he's birchen. More specifically, if he is (E, E^Wh) or (E^R, E^Wh).

This is Jared, the rooster in question (the hens are his daughters):

These were his parents, a Mille Fleur and a blue Silkie:

These are some more of his offspring in case it helps (none of the three mother hens are black or birchen):
Here is the genotype of your mille fleur d'Uccle sire. I am looking for his mother's information now, but obviously he is e+ and then whatever he got from mom.










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Awesome website, even if it didn't help.

I thought Mille Fleurs were E^Wh? I just checked the resource I'd been going off of and it indicates they are e^b so I guess I was wrong about it either way. :p
I've been using this:

Thank you for the link! I know Mille Fleur isn't a breed, but mine was a non-bearded hatchery chicken so it's been easier to call him a Mille Fleur when he was technically a Booted Bantam, not a d'Uccle.

I've come to the conclusion that Jared is E^R and whatever his father was. Whatever it is, it recreates black-tailed buff very well.
Thanks for that link. I've seen it before but lost it at some point. I love how it explains the genes and goes on to tell if they are recessive, incomplete dominant, etc. I am trying to figure out some breeding projects for my birds, and which males to keep, and that will help me out a bit :)

I like using the genetics calculator to make guesses about my crosses but a lot of these gene options aren't even on there :(
Well, there's always the good old-fashioned Punnett Square.

Yes, though that gets quite tedious when you are going ten genes all at once. We had to do millions of those in my genetics classes lol and then write out all the phenotype ratios and so on. The calculator also helps with differentiating the sex linked characteristics much quicker, and is all in all less tedious, especially when you are looking at various combinations of 9 roosters and about 50 hens like I am (with no two the same, at that).

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